July 11, 2020

Z/X: Code Reunion Episode 5 English Subbed

Z/X: Code Reunion Episode 5 – Overboost

Z/X Code Reunion Episode 5
Image Credit: TV Tokyo, Sentai Filmworks

Episode Title: Overboost

Z/X: Code Reunion Episode 5. Waiting for the group E, who gradually gained power under the guidance of the hot-blooded teacher Ira, was a battle against other teams. The opponent of the first match is the rank D team led by Hokuto Ishido.

Overboost. The ability difference should not have been large, but the summaries that were stimulated by the past trauma would run away. The result of an indiscriminate attack, regardless of the enemy’s allies, with the power beyond the limit- Kinna gently snuggled up as soon as she fell alone.

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