July 11, 2020

Z/X: Code Reunion Episode 1 English Subbed

Z/X: Code Reunion Episode 1 – To Sakura Dance School

Z/X: Code Reunion Episode 1
Image Credit: TV Tokyo, Sentai Filmworks

Episode Title: To Sakura Dance School

Z/X: Code Reunion Episode 1. It has been several years since the gates to five different worlds opened, and things called XX appeared in the world. Mankind and XX who were fighting at the beginning signed a cease-fire treaty and began to change the relationship.

To Sakura Dance School. Meanwhile, Azumi Kakamigahara, a girl who has been affected by an incurable disease, is ordered to enter a certain school together with Xex, called Rigel, to compensate for the disease from one of the other worlds, the Blue World. Azumi and Rigel, the two who just met, met Meina Amanogawa at the station. She was also one of the students who entered the school and on the day of admission, the school faces a new threat.

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