July 1, 2022

Rifle is Beautiful Episode 1 English Subbed

Rifle Is Beautiful Episode 1 – What Are Beam Rifles?

Rifle Is Beautiful Episode 1
Image Credit: Tokyo MX, SUN, KBS, BS11, Sentai Filmworks

Episode Title: What Are Beam Rifles?

Rifle Is Beautiful Episode 1. Hikari Ogura, who dreamed of joining the shooting club and entered Chidori High School, knew the shocking fact that the shooting club was abandoned! What happened ?? Hikari who knew that he could survive if there were four members, is a childhood friend We started searching for members with Shibusawa Izumi.

What Are Beam Rifles?. A young lady, Hikari Erika, who competed at the tournament in the junior high school era, a silent talent who won the tournament, Yuuki Igarashi joined, and somehow the new Chidori High School Shooting Club’s loose but desperate shooting club life started did!.

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