November 12, 2019
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Black Clover Episode 109 English Subbed

Black Clover Episode 109 – Spatial Mage Brothers

Black Clover Season 3 Episode 7
Credits: TV Tokyo, Funimation, Crunchyroll

Episode Title: Spatial Mage Brothers

Black Clover Episode 109. When Mimosa, kirsch, three people of en protected people who lived in vermillion’s house from people of elf, and they evacuated, in the royal palace where the king was, orchid Gill who transmigrated appeared to people of the elf. Orchid gills which approach while every space scoops out hall by magic for life of the king.

Spatial Mage Brothers. finraru rushed to the terrible magic with magic Knights Hospitalers’s leader, underworld and Jack of two while we feared anyone! Without finraru keenly realizing ability differences and younger brother cornering orchid Gill while supporting underground leader and Leader Jack, but the desperate measures of finraru being given decisive damage in orchid Gill?.

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