July 11, 2020

Black Clover Episode 10 English Dubbed – Animepisode

Black Clover Season 1 Episode 10
Image Credit: TV Tokyo, Funimation, Crunchyroll

Episode Title:
Guardians / Those Who Protect

Black Clover Episode 10 English Dubbed. It was maguna, but, in Asta, Noel to fight against heath Grice who used ice magic to protect villagers from the subordinate, had a hard fight to an enemy who had strong magical power. 

Black Clover Season 1 Episode 10. Attack of the Asta whole body who took by surprise does not arrive, and we stay, and there are a few magical powers of maguna, too. New magic that Noel specialized in defense succeeds for the motion of nest of suikizunarimaho, the sea dragon, but it is all one could do in protecting villagers.

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